How to provide for your pets within your estate plan

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2023 | Estate Planning & Probate

When working on your estate plan, you must consider the well-being of everyone in your family, including your pets. You have the right to ensure that your pets receive the care they deserve after your death.

Understanding what to include in your will can give you peace of mind about the animals in your home.

Identify a caretaker for your pets

Your first step to securing your pets’ future includes choosing someone to care for them. The caretaker should be someone willing and reliable and who you trust with your pets. In the U.S., about 90.5 million households have a pet. Consider someone with experience with pets and who you deem a good pet parent.

Specify financial provisions

You can allocate funds for your pets’ care. Outline how much money you want to set aside for your pets’ well-being. When determining how much to leave for your pets, consider their daily expenses, medical needs and anticipated lifespan. Leaving behind money for your pets can help ensure your pets live a comfortable life.

Include detailed care instructions

Outline all specific care instructions for your pets, including medical histories, dietary preferences and their daily routines. The more information you provide, the smoother the transition will be. The caretaker should have a general understanding of your pets’ healthcare needs and their personalities.

When creating a will that includes your pets, you should update it regularly. Updates should occur whenever you add another pet to your family or when one of your pets develops a medical condition.