Vision/Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Dell Law Firm has redefined the Gold Standard in legal services by guiding their clients with clarity and purpose through life’s biggest moments.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement To assist clients with their goals through exceptional legal advice built upon our Core Values of: 1) Trust; 2) Purpose; 3) Loyalty; 4) Value; and 5) Ethics.

Core Values:

  1. Trust – Our attorneys are passionate and caring and strive to build a long-term relationship built upon trust.
  2. Purpose – We understand that law is a service business and strive to put our client’s needs first through active listening, superior knowledge, and responsive service.
  3. Loyalty – Each attorney takes a personal ownership in the pending issue and has unmatched loyalty to the client.
  4. Value – We work hand in hand with clients to keep cost down and understand that economic side of law by explaining the options, costs, and probable outcomes. Essentially, we try to do a risk-reward analysis with each client so they can make an informed decision.
  5. Ethics – Our lawyers and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice for our clients. A positive culture and high ethical standards are an integral part of our everyday operations.

Value Proposition

At Dell Law Firm our RELATIONSHIPS with our Clients, Courts, and Community make us the Lake Country’s most Trusted law firm.

Why Statement

Why – To guide our clients with clarity and purpose through life’s biggest moments.
How – Building Relationships with our Clients, Courts, and Community.
What – Closings, Wills/Trusts/Probate, Business Advice, in other words the practice of law – Lawyer Technician.

Tag Line

We protect what is important to you!
Georgia Lake Country’s Best Law Firm!