Assisting With Lake Oconee And Lake Sinclair Real Estate Closings For Over A Decade

Georgia is unique when it comes to real estate closings, as the state requires that an attorney preside over them. If you are seeking an attorney to oversee the residential or commercial closing process, you can rely on Dell Law Firm, P.C.. Since 2010, we have represented clients in real estate closings throughout Lake County and the surrounding communities.

Smoothly Handling Complex Details

While title attorneys focus on the chain-of-custody documentation surrounding real property, a residential closing can sometimes have additional moving parts, such as in a divorce or probate situation. Because we handle several areas related to real estate law, we can help complete your transaction smoothly, quickly and cost effectively.

Commercial closings often involve additional concerns related to the transfer of real property. These can include the transfer of business assets; rights and easements; changes in corporate structure, including mergers or acquisitions; or even complete asset liquidation. We work seamlessly with your real estate and accounting professionals to get you moving in a new direction as painlessly as possible.

Discuss Your Upcoming Closing With Us Today

It is never too soon to speak with a lawyer about a potential real estate closing in the Lake Oconee or Lake Sinclair area. Contact our law office in Greensboro to discuss our services in a consultation. To reach us, please call 706-784-8930 or send us an email.