Trustworthy Counsel For Your Company

With more than a decade in practice, Dell Law Firm, P.C. has become a preeminent firm for Georgia’s Lake Country. In addition to providing general business counsel, our attorneys represent businesses and individuals in a variety of transactions and litigation. From entity selection to exit plans, we provide reliable counsel to help your company succeed.

Putting New Businesses On The Right Foot

With over 50 years of experience, our business law attorneys are equipped to set new and existing business owners up for success with a variety of legal counsel services.

Business Formation

Choosing the best corporate structure for your business can help you limit personal liability and maximize your company’s potential. We can discuss the right options for you as well as assist with the necessary documentation and filings to keep your company on the right track. We always keep an eye toward the future to help your business expand with as few growing pains as possible.

Buying/Selling A Business

Whether you are purchasing commercial or residential property, our team can ensure all legal aspects of your transaction are executed to your benefit. When legal issues arise during the transfer of property between companies, family members, ex-spouses or complete strangers, you’ll need the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted advisor on your team to protect your fiduciary interests.

Shareholder Agreements

There are a wide variety of ways to raise capital for your business, including private security offerings. Don’t risk your livelihood by purchasing a generic shareholder agreement online. It’s vital to work with our team to remain in compliance with securities regulations and ensure there are no ownership or financial surprises now or in the future.

Litigators Who Take A Proactive Approach

Sometimes even the most well-intentioned and well-thought-out plans can go awry. Our business litigation attorneys can help protect your interests and minimize or prevent harm now or in the future.

Business Litigation/Disputes

Whether you are already involved in corporate litigation or you are seeking to minimize future liability, you’ll need lawyers at your side to consider all aspects of your case. We work proactively to stay on top of regulation changes, legal precedents and industry trends to make sure your company has the best possible representation.

Business Liability

Claims against your company can drain your wallet and your time. Sometimes the silver lining is finding ways to reduce future liability through improved procedures, paperwork and even changes to corporate structure. Our team can assist with your liability claim from start to finish. We even can provide insights to help you avoid problems down the road.

Seek Our Experienced And Reliable Business Law Services

Contact us today for thorough and professional service that will safeguard your company’s future. Learn more about what Dell Law Firm, P.C. can do for you by setting up an initial consultation. Please send us an email or call our Greensboro office at 706-784-8930.