Trusted And Established Real Estate Counsel Since 2010

For over a decade, our team at Dell Law Firm, P.C. has handled complex real estate law concerns for clients throughout Georgia’s Lake Country. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a trustworthy source of counsel for all our clients’ real estate issues. More than 6,000 clients have relied on us to provide guidance and protect their best interests regarding real estate properties.

Our Broad Range Of Services

In our practice, we handle just about every matter related to residential or commercial real estate, including:

  • HOAs: Homeowner’s and condominium associations must adhere to a variety of state and federal regulations. Dell Law Firm, P.C. stays abreast of regulatory changes and real estate industry trends to help you resolve any claims or complaints between you and your HOA.
  • Landlord/tenant issues: Agreements between landlords and tenants can have various levels of formality ranging from simple verbal arrangements to lengthy contracts with multiple addendums. Our team has been covering the entire gamut of property and tenancy law for years, and we can assist you in quickly and efficiently resolving your case.
  • Commercial leases: An upstart business can sink or swim depending on various aspects of its commercial lease. Onerous terms or requirements can significantly hamper profitability for years to come, and landlords who don’t protect their property rights can also suffer irreparable harm at the end of a commercial lease. Our team possesses years of experience negotiating equitable commercial contracts; call us for a consultation today.
  • Title issues: We proactively look for and resolve any title defects to prevent potential delays. In addition, our lawyers handle title searches, title insurance, title disputes and more.

With more than a decade of experience representing thousands of clients in all manner of transactions, our team has the knowledge you need.

Prepared For Litigation

Litigation between parties engaged in the rental or purchase of real estate can involve multiple laws and regulations from the federal level down to the local level. We have the experience necessary to navigate the ever-changing landscape of real estate law and legal precedents. Though we manage to resolve most disputes out of court, our litigators are always prepared for a trial.

Some common areas of real estate litigation that we handle for clients in Greene, Morgan and Putnam counties include:

  • Boundary line disputes
  • Quiet title actions
  • Construction disputes
  • Heirs’ property disputes
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Access/easement disputes

Get Our Knowledgeable Real Estate Representation

Whether you are a buyer or seller, landlord or tenant, interested in a residential purchase or a commercial one, Dell Law Firm, P.C. can help you. Contact our office in Greensboro to set up an initial consultation with one of our team members. Please call 706-784-8930 or send us an email to begin.