Efficient Litigation With A History Of Positive Resolutions

Lawsuits can arise from a wide variety of issues and circumstances, such as real estate disputes, business disputes and probate issues. Some are settled shortly after a complaint is filed and others proceed through various stages of litigation. Dell Law Firm, P.C. will work to minimize the time, energy and money you may have to spend by resolving your case as efficiently as possible.

How Our Litigators Can Help You

We handle pretrial negotiations and civil lawsuits related to several areas:

  • Real estate and property litigation: Litigation that involves real estate encompasses a variety of complex local, state and federal regulations. We help you navigate these regulations and guide you effectively toward a resolution. The law can change frequently, but we update you on these developments and adapt agilely to them.
  • Probate litigation: Probate is often emotional, as it follows the death of someone you love. In addition to our strong, trustworthy litigation services, we offer compassion and clarity during what is often a difficult time. When possible, we simplify the process so you have as little stress as possible. We prioritize fast resolutions in addition to prioritizing your best interests and the preservation of assets.
  • Business litigation and disputes: From minimizing potential sources of liability to taking a disputed matter to trial, we have a team of experienced corporate litigators at the ready. Our lawyers carefully examine all details of operations and how they affect your case. We stay abreast of important legal developments that could affect the resolution of your claim, ensuring that you always have reliable counsel.
  • Construction disputes: Construction-related disputes can quickly become complex. We regularly represent clients in the residential and commercial construction industries, both on the builder side as well as the homeowner/customer side. We take the time to understand our clients’ goals and protect their best interests. Contracts often have a clause that requires arbitration setting instead of litigation. Depending on the circumstances, we can pursue alternate ways of negotiating a favorable outcome. If litigation becomes the best or only option, we will represent you in court or arbitration.

With more than 6,000 clients that we have represented during our time in practice, we have a deep and wide breadth of experience handling complex disputes.

Experience In Both Jury And Bench Trials

A bench trial is where the judge makes all the rulings in the case. A jury trial is where the judge makes rulings in the case up to the time of trial, and then a jury decides the critical issues in the case. Typically, a bench trial is held unless one of the parties requests a jury trial at the beginning of the case. Obtaining legal representation is the first step in ensuring you receive the best advice on how your case should proceed. Our attorneys can present the specific advantages or disadvantages to a bench or jury trial and give you meaningful advice about your options.

We Also Handle Appeals

The Georgia Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in Georgia. This is where appeals from the main courts of Georgia, including the superior courts, are heard. Appeals from the Georgia Court of Appeals are filed with Georgia Supreme Court, which can decide whether or not to hear a case appealed to it. The Court of Appeals has statewide appellate jurisdiction of all cases except those involving constitutional questions, murder, and habeas corpus cases, where original appellate jurisdiction lies with the Supreme Court.

Learn More About Our Litigation Services

Even if your case involves numerous complex details, we are more than capable of representing you efficiently in dispute resolution tactics or at trial. To learn more, call our Greensboro office at 706-784-8930 or send us an email.