3 benefits of creating a real estate agent and lawyer partnership

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2023 | Real Estate Law

As a real estate agent, you share many characteristics with those who work in the legal field. For example, both occupations require attention to small details and excellent organizational skills.

Although you can do much to help your clients achieve their real estate goals, there are some things you cannot do for those you serve. Partnering with a real estate attorney can help you fill possible gaps in your services.

Legal guidance

A common issue real estate agents face is the inability to answer legal questions your clients may ask. You may have the correct answers but cannot pass the information on without breaking the law.

A relationship with a real estate attorney gives you a vital resource to help ensure your client’s legal questions and concerns do not go unaddressed.

Legal disputes

As you know, there are occasions when something can interfere with the completion of real estate transactions. For example, a property line or contract dispute can arise, leading to problems for you and your client.

If you have established a legal partnership, you have a resource in your pocket that can help you resolve disputes and continue serving your clients.

Legal knowledge

Of course, you are familiar with the laws that govern Georgia real estate transactions. However, someone with a trained eye may be better able to spot problems in the closing documents or other vital paperwork.

With an agent-attorney relationship, you can address these and other possible issues quickly to prevent undue delays.

Another advantage of a real estate attorney-agent relationship is the potential to broaden each other’s client pool through referrals. In the end, however, the most valuable benefit is ensuring your clients are satisfied.