What to do when the HOA does not keep its promises

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2023 | Real Estate Law

Moving to a community governed by a homeowner association (HOA) can be one of the most exciting moves to make. You get to live in a community with preserved property values and access additional services, such as landscaping, parking lots, tennis courts, party spaces, snow removal and other amenities. Thus, living in an HOA-governed property has numerous benefits.

However, at times, an HOA may fail to keep its promises. If this happens, here is what you should do:

Talk to the HOA manager

The board of your community’s HOA has a manager. You should consider talking to them to get more information as to why they have not acted as promised. 

For example, maybe before buying the home, the HOA promised that adding an in-ground pool is acceptable, but when you want to try to act on that information later, you receive a denial. In such instances, contact the manager to find out why they haven’t permitted you to do what your planned or why they have new restrictions and how they plan to solve the issue.

Doing this can help you know if the HOA has reasonable delays or is not planning to offer you the promised service, in which case you can take other steps.

Take legal action

If the manager is not responding to your complaint or the board refuses to act as promised, it may be time to take legal action. You spent thousands of dollars on that home based on a promise not being fulfilled. You deserve to protect your rights and money.

HOA disputes can be complicated. You need to get adequate information about your case to make an informed decision.