Estate planning: How can you avoid squabbles over your property?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2023 | Estate Planning & Probate

Inheritance disputes among family members can get ugly and create permanent rifts in what were once close-knit relationships. A torn family is not something you’d want in the wake of your death.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize or reduce the possibility of this happening when planning for the future of your estate. Below are some helpful tips.

Be open and communicate with your loved ones

It helps to discuss your intentions with family members to avoid a surprise when the will is read out. While you do not have to get into the details, explain that you will divide your estate, and some people may get more than others.

Remember not to make any hard promises since your plans may change along the way, and you do not want to disappoint anyone.

Ensure there are no loose ends

Follow due process in everything you do. You do not want your will revoked because of legal mistakes made when creating it or doubts about your testamentary capacity. Avoid loopholes that may disrupt your estate plans.

Most importantly, regularly review your estate plans to ensure they are up to date.

Make the most of your estate planning options

It is worthwhile to look into the estate planning options at your disposal and make the best use of them. For instance, instead of having all your eggs in one basket with a will, you can also include a trust as part of your estate plan. It is much harder to challenge a trust or change its terms, which could discourage property feuds.

You will save your loved ones a lot of trouble with proper and solid estate plans. If you have any such concerns, consider seeking professional advice on what you can do to reduce the likelihood of disputes over your estate when you are gone.