Resolving a boundary dispute with your neighbor

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Real Estate Litigation

Boundary line disputes between neighbors are commonplace. While some are resolved without much hassle, others escalate from minor disagreements to full-blown conflicts.

It is best to resolve any existing boundary dispute with your neighbor as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may affect you sometime in the future, such as when you intend to sell the property. Here is how you ought to go about it:

1. Understand the source of the problem

Have you built over your neighbor’s land or is your fence encroaching on their property? Is the dispute about a boundary, or is there uncertainty on the same? It is crucial to get to the bottom of the misunderstanding with your neighbor so that you can find the best way of handling it.

2. Talk to your neighbor and try to reach a solution

Dialogue with your neighbor can help resolve your boundary dispute. If you can talk it out, the better. It could potentially save you a lot of time and money. It is advisable not to get too formal or combative when reaching out to your neighbor for the first time about the boundary dispute. A simple phone call or a personal visit will do, instead of a letter from your attorney.

Should you not see eye to eye with your neighbor, you may want to consider roping in a third party to help you find a middle ground.

3. Explore your legal options for relief

Not every boundary dispute can be resolved through simple dialogue or mediation. Some cases are beyond that, or the parties may be unwilling to settle. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any eventuality, including going to court. It is in your best interests to seek an evaluation of the nature of your dispute to help you determine the most efficient way of dealing with it.